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Cat Picture

I'm changing sheets today, and that requires a series of taking pieces off (resting between) and then a series of putting pieces on (resting between). At the point where I had the pillows in the washer & dryer and the duvet on a chair with only the fitted sheet still attached to the bed, I went back to get the fitted sheet off. I found all three cats looking up at me like I'd cheated them. They've been sitting back there on the nice warm duvet the last few evenings and now there's nothing. So I took the cat blankie which had been over the walker and put one end of it on Shiva and swirled the other end around for the others. When I went back, Giorgio had taken up the swirled part and Spirit had tucked in next to Shiva:

I waited a bit and then the pillow in the dryer finished so I had to move the cats. I'm up to the clean fitted sheet and one clean pillow with clean pillowcase on the bed. The cats are out here by the computer looking at me reproachfully.
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