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New Coat

We decided not to go out after bookgroup, considering the expected weather, and it was just starting to sleet as I got home. There on my porch was the box of the next coat I ordered. It's not quite what I wanted -- buttons instead of a zipper and snaps -- but it was the closest I could find. It fits and I immediately took off the removable faux fur cuffs and collar. I think the buttons are a tiny bit too big (since I'm not going to redo the buttonholes), plus they're ugly -- giant domed things with a vague crest on them -- so I'll get new ones and put them on.

I'm trying to decide whether to leave the buttons where the faux fur cuffs attach on. In the past, I have always worn my coats to where I have to get a new one, but I grew in from the old one (it'll go to the thrift store) and what if I do from this one? Should I cheat someone else out of faux fur? Some people must like it, or else it wouldn't be on coats (or coats made entirely of it).

I was worried about Giorgio this morning because not only had he settled in with me as soon as I started to read last night, in the morning, he was up against the other pillow and my back. While I showered, he just stayed on the nice warm duvet. This is not like him. He's a pretty energetic guy. Then Spirit made her first ahOOO (you're dressed enough, it's food time!) and he went off after her and things were back to normal. I guess he just wants to sleep with me more.
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