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Sleet Tomorrow!

Oh dear, and bookgroup is tomorrow. Bookgroup is my favorite thing all month! Maybe the sleet will start late enough.

Today was quiet. When I opened the door to get the paper, a box the shape of a shoebox but slightly bigger was there and I was sure I hadn't bought anything that would fit in that. I picked it up and heard something small sliding back and forth, and then saw the Target symbol. Someone packed a memory stick in a giant box with a batch of air pillows. I did a favor for a friend and she insisted on giving me a Target gift card. I looked at Target for everything I need and they didn't have any of it, so I bought an 8G memory stick. You can always use more portable memory.

Shiva thought the box was very spiffy, but decided he couldn't fit in it (and he was right). Miss Girl has started going down to sit on the bed by herself when it gets dark. She'll usually come back out later, but she's nervous about what she can't see.
Tags: cats, memory, weather

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