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New Dining Room Lamp

So even though I was still tired and in some pain, I went up to Fair Lakes to look for a new lamp today. I love the old lamp in the dining room -- I got rid of the Williamsburg candelabra and got this one as soon as I bought the condo -- but this one is mostly dead and I can't change the bulb myself anymore and I need something where I can. On the way up the highway, I was in the next lane behind a tractor-trailer and the back said:


I drove for a couple of minutes thinking that I didn't know we had a Woadhouse and wondering just what people did there -- was it for holidays and wars? different colors of woad? -- and then BAM! I realized that there was a blank star between the A and W - I hadn't really noticed the A didn't have a bar because of the top star point, and the two bottom points made the R look like a W. Oh well.

They only had a dozen or so contemporary lamps and the one I liked best had the same kind of bottom glass shield with nuts. The ones I liked next best had a thinner glass shield with one nut, but I was pretty sure I couldn't do that, either. So I ended up with a light-white dome glass light that flares out at the bottom. There's some darker-white swirls in the glass, and the bulb screws right up in it. They gave me the name and numbers of their recommended electrician and I have a call in to him. In the end, I not only paid a third of the one I liked best, I had a 10% off coupon -- I'd looked for their website to see if they did installation and they don't have one, but I found a coupon.

I had lunch at Red Robin since I was out there. I had the pot roast "burger" again which has enough protein for a week. I will be omitting protein for at least the next three days. While I was there, the greeter tried to sit a couple of younger women at a two-top two over from me and they asked to be seated up in an area with a view and he took them up. The next two in were probably a father and young adult daughter and the father grumbled about not being sat at the empty four-top nearby (it's true, the two-tops are really only good for one person because there's so much stuff on the table). But he didn't say anything to the waiter who came to get his drink although he tried to open the two extentions on the table -- the daughter got under to look -- and wasn't able to. So when the waiter brought me the check, I called him closer so I could tell him quietly that the man wanted his table extended. While I was getting my coat on, the father glanced at me with a half-angry look. I dunno, I figured if he wanted it bigger and didn't have the nerve to ask, I'd do it for him.

I stopped at my Kaiser to get my Cipro and came home. When I got home, I had the notice of new lab results in my email and I went and looked at them and they were not the doctor's they were supposed to be. I swear, I'm going to make them let me pull the labs next time! I emailed both doctors -- one to explain why I had repeated her labs in three weeks instead of eight (although my C-RAP is up and I told her about the infection), and the other to explain why I was three weeks late and that I'd tried and the lab screwed up, plus the infection which is her domain. I also asked her for her doctor number so I can check the vial labels. I'm staying in tomorrow.

I'm really really behind on everything now so I'm going to just skim a couple days of LJ. If there's something you think I should have read or commented on, let me know.
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