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Feeling Better Today, Errands, Some Funny Political Things

I got through all the errands and such and am only now feeling enough pain to take the Tylenol #3 and take a nap.

I got the trash and recycling out, plus took the coat I'd ordered (which was too small) back to the post office. Then I went to Kaiser Labs because I'd never received the results of one set of standing orders. The nephrologist is always late releasing them, but not this late. Turned out they didn't do them. So I did them today as well as the phenobarb level. My TSH was released on Monday, and I'm way below minimum, so I suspect we'll be increasing thyroid meds soon. I weighed while I was there -- 322, that's 36 pounds so far this year -- and bringing the thyroid up to normal might make that stop. Might make it accelerate. Who knows? (Giorgio is doing his 5pm howling.)

In the mail today was a notice from my car/condo insurance company telling me I got a dividend this year! It's only $17.52 so they're applying it to my bill. Some years I've gotten much more, in a check.

I read the WashPost from 11/21 last night and there were a couple of funny bits. First, while Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) was supporting legislation to make toys safe, he told an anecdote about how his wife had unwillingly left their two-year-old son with him because she couldn't get a sitter. While he was watching a football game, the kid almost burned down the kitchen (scroll down to the second item), thus verifying his wife's belief "she wasn't sure I was capable of taking care of Jack by myself." If a congressman can't watch a two-year-old, can we trust them with nationwide legislation?

The second was about the turkey pardoning. In Dana Milbanks' column, he tells us of the luxury life led by the turkeys, as well as:

Members of the White House press corps strutted their stuff as they awaited Bush in the Rose Garden yesterday. Somebody said the two birds should be named "Scooter" and "Libby."

Another proposal: "Ramos" and "Compean" -- the two imprisoned border agents whose pardons CNN's Lou Dobbs fervently seeks.

Ken Herman of Cox News feared that Bush would ship the birds off to Gitmo, where they would be "water-basted." Another reporter, in an allusion to the president's low poll ratings, wondered whether there would be difficulty figuring out which one is the turkey.
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