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Children and Christmas

I went to Tony's for lunch today (a slice of rustica and iced tea) and they had had the windows painted. A big Christmas tree on the left, bells under their name, and a Santa Claus on the right. While I was eating, two families came in, one with a little Chinese girl and an older girl who looked Thai. The Chinese girl wouldn't come in -- she kept patting Santa and saying something I couldn't hear. Finally, one of the guys picked her up and she kissed Santa on his cheek and then she came in. I guess she didn't watch the Monk special last night!

When I was done, I went to the ATM for next week's money, since I was near it already and came home to find no mail yet at 4pm. I haven't seen a mail truck, so I have no idea what's going on. I'm expecting some books and a CD from Amazon.

Last night I started the book for bookgroup next Saturday: Only You Can Save Mankind. I'm going to read the whole trilogy again before Saturday. I tell you, that's a story that shows what makes us human.
Tags: books, christmas, errands

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