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Careful Stepping

When I brought the paper in today, I saw the ramp had an inch of snow and there was ice on the bottom, so I got the broom and swept it once more, hoping the ice would melt by the time I was ready to go out, and it had. I had the rolling cart full and higher with recyclables plus the totebag I had all the Medicare stuff in (plus a book in case I got to the library early) and the things I needed to mail today. The cart came nicely to the back of the van -- that area was in the sun and most places connected to the ground (unlike the ramp with air space under it) in the sun were just wet but I have to sit on the back part of the van to unload the cart and got the back thighs of my pants wet. Then I carefully stepped through snow and some snow over ice to get to the driver's door and got in with relief. I did my turning the van around and backing into a spot across the lot so it's in the sun and worked on windows. I wasn't able to centrifuge the snow off the top either on the way out or the way back in.

I stopped by our new management company (just seven or so blocks away) to drop off the info form they wanted. They expected it to be mailed but I wanted to meet them. They seemed like very nice people. Then I went to the post office and mailed beads -- one box for a swap and two envelopes for people where I ran across stone cabs I thought they should have -- and even though I wasn't in there very long, a lot of snow melted off the back of the top of the van.

Then to the cardboard recycling and to the mixed paper recycling. I was ready to turn right toward the library to meet my friend to talk about Medicare when she called and said her son was sick and she didn't want to leave him or come out and pass it on. (I was at a stoplight so I answered the phone.) I told her I'd call when I got home, which I did, but her son said she was in the bath, so she'll call me back.

Since I didn't have to go to the library, I flipped the signal to left and had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's -- my normal white bean chicken chili and baked potato. There was a couple across from me who both had salad (the mayo types) and the guy kept checking his Blackberry and some kind of landscape-oriented PDA in between bites. I was thinking he was rude, but as soon as she finished, the woman pulled out her own Blackberry.

I picked up the mail on the way back in -- slipped a bit on ice, but was holding on to the car door and the top of the clusterboxes, so I was able to pull back up -- and when I reversed into my parking spot and opened the door, I noticed that my earlier footprints were still exact and you could see a backwards "easyspirit" from the bottom of my shoes. I walked carefully back in. It's supposed to be cloudy tomorrow, but still warmer, so maybe more of the ice by the van will be gone; I have to go get birdseed.
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