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"Dusting to 1 inch"

Yep, we're on the lighter side. In fact, it didn't stick on our roads and sidewalks, but got them wet and it's below freezing now so I expect commuting will be a pain in the morning. Fortunately, I don't get up in the morning and it's likely to be up to 36F when I get up and I'll be able to take the recycling out and meet a friend from the bookgroup at the library to talk to her about Medicare (she just got it, and has never had any kind of insurance before, so I get to explain insurance, too) and then be home by 4:30pm for the Peapod delivery. They usually deliver about 9pm, but I save a dollar by setting it to 4:30-9:30pm. I've swept the ramp twice, hoping to get as little ice as possible.

But in good news, the condo president answered my email and said they've informally decided I can have a concrete ramp! They have to vote on it in the January meeting, which I put into my book so I'll go unless it snows then. I was pretty sure they would say no because they're only required to let me put in another temporary ramp, but a concrete ramp would be great! Not only would it not collect snow and freeze before the sidewalk, but the mowers can't kill it and I won't have to replace it! I need to ask around for someone to do such a small job. I think they'll have to jackhammer the two sidewalk squares and start from the ground up.

From Cute Overload, a cat cafe in Japan where people pay a bit of money to play with cats. Most folks there can't have pets, so this makes sense. It would be neat here, too, but I'm pretty sure the health folks wouldn't allow it.

I read the WashPost from the 17th last night and got halfway through the 18th and was skimming the intro to the Bookworld Young Readers page when I stalled on "every child would have ... a children's Bible..." and I thought what? Then I went back and read the entire beginning carefully and I think she's including the bible as a fable/fairy tale. What do you guys think?
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