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Cold, Cold, Cold, and Snow Coming

I wonder if I'm feeling colder than usual because I lost weight. I was shivering in my coat and with the heat turned up on the way to the Giant to get groceries. On the way back in, I noticed the mailtruck at the set of clusterboxes before ours so I just pulled into a parking spot next to ours and waited. I had a lot of frozen food (Marie Callender dinners for 4 for $10 and if you buy 8, you get a $10 coupon for anything the next time you shop) and figured it wouldn't thaw. I even turned the ignition partially on and the heat back on because I got cold. I don't usually run things off the battery. I got my mail -- she said it was all of it -- and drove on to my parking spot. I was loading things into the rolling crate when Luke came out and went to get his mail. When he came back, he knocked on my door -- the mail lady had given me all the catalogs, but not the letters.

Only one was actually a letter and it was from our new condo management company. They're a very small company, but they're local, and they've got to be better than the last guys. I posted earlier this year that the son of the owner of our old management company had embezzled from the organizations they ran but I didn't think he did from us because our budget is so small that the board would notice it. Well, an audit shows he took a bit more than $26K. We'll get it back through insurance, but I do wonder why the board didn't miss that much money (about an eighth of our budget).

The weather reports are showing the line between "Dusting to 1 inch" and "1 inch to 2 inches" right here in Manassas, so who knows how much snow we'll get tomorrow. I know it's not a lot, particularly to those of you in Mpls, but the board won't have the sidewalks shoveled for that and I won't be able to go out until it melts.
Tags: condo, weather

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