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Lucilla stopped by today to say that when she was bathing Jesus last week, his right leg looked dead so she took him to the pediatrician who had x-rays taken and his hip is dislocated. He has spina bifida so he's numb (and paralyzed) below the waist, and didn't feel the pain of the dislocation. Their doc got them an appointment Tuesday in DC at Children's Hospital, so did I want to have cleaning on Monday or really really early on Tuesday? As you can imagine, I went with Monday.

A while after she left, I remembered I don't have enough money to pay her. I usually go to the ATM on Mondays and get money for the week -- with extra every other week to pay her -- but I wouldn't be able to drive as early as I get up for the regular cleaning time. I put on my shoes and my coat (which is now about six inches too big around*) and headed off to the ATM. It's cold and rainy and dark. The decorations in Old Town were nice, though. In the same way that before I got glasses, I thought everybody saw trees as green blobs, until my mid-30s when an optician mentioned I had astigmatism, I assumed everybody saw lights at night as stars. They're a little more starry in the rain.

When I got home, I microwaved the rest of the stromboli. Usually I heat things like that up in the toaster oven so the crust is crisp, but I felt like I needed something warm inside.

*I've been looking for a new coat, still in a very large size, since they came on the market this year, and have been having a lot of trouble finding one that meets my requirements: zipper with snaps, no/removable hood, lightweight, and no faux fur. Yesterday, I looked something up on Making Light and noticed the Google ads on the page were all for coats, so I skimmed through the ads. I found a coat that meets the requirements, and I think will fit, and ordered it. We'll see next week.
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