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Coolth and Dream

After sleeping only 5.5 hours between Thursday night and the nap, I managed to finish LJ, but not usenet or ML.

ETA: I completely forgot to say that after I finished LJ, I napped for 5.5 hours. I considered just going to bed, but since I hadn't had the Sqwincher, I stayed up, etc.

I also hadn't started the Sqwincher, so I stayed up and read the paper while I sucked down 32oz of rehydration fluid. I read a bit in bed (so far, Hunter's Run is pretty slow) and then was too sleepy.

Spirit came to sleep with me last night and has been fine today. When I woke up this morning, I'd just dreamed that my brother and I were going back to the church we attended as teens for a wedding. We had to take a shuttle bus to get there and there were many tollbooths along the way where we paid and paid. When we finally get there, we find out we have to put on hazard suits to go in to the sanctuary. I got a glimpse through an opened door and the sanctuary was rotting -- mucus, green gloppy things, slumping furniture and so forth. I decided I wasn't going to go in and would take the shuttle bus back. Rick decided to stay.

I forgot to take another tupperware of turkey meat out of the freezer yesterday, so they had plain packet stuff today, which seemed fine with them. I remembered to take one out for tomorrow and the next day and I'll dice it tonight.

It's very cold today and as I headed out to the library to turn We Band of Angels in, I saw the Christmas Parade paraphernalia being taken down, and the first skaters on our rink. It's a skating rink in the winter and a concert/event pavilion in the summer. After the library, I went to Tony's and tried a meat stromboli which is almost solid meat. I brought half home for tomorrow.

I've read yesterday's usenet (I'd pulled the headers already) and expect to be up late tonight doing today's online.
Tags: cats, dream, weather

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