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Digital Day

The little charity whose board I'm on wants to change webhosts, so I looked into it, recommended one, signed us up, set up to transfer the domain, but I have to upload the site myself. So I'm downloading the site to my 5G barely-used USB drive. As soon as they transfer the domain, I get to upload.

I looked around for a good dryer vent cleaner and have one coming tomorrow morning. I assume they'll reconnect the inside hose for me, and maybe be nice and put the battery back in the smoke detector. It'll cost a lot more than when the condo org sets up for everybody to do it and we each get a low price, but I don't think I can wait. Even if I had Steve come over and reattach the hose, there's just way too much stuff in the outlet and hanging out of the inside end of the vent.

The neuro nurse called and said the doctor wants to go up a half-pill and take the test again in two weeks. It was too late to go pick up the other med today when she called, so I'll do it after the dryer vent people are here. This will mean I'm cutting four pills in half and one in quarters.
Tags: bfac, dryer vent, health

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