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Marilee J. Layman

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No Rain Here Today

And it was so hot inside the condo last night -- 76F when the thermostat was set to 70F -- that I turned on the AC again. The TV is saying it's 15F in Minneapolis, but it's 51F here.

When I put the hot turkey bits under the packet stuff this morning, Giorgio was interested enough to pull a few pieces off on his side of the plate and guard them as he ate. So maybe once I finish this set of packets, I should just give them three ounces of turkey or chicken. I'll ask the vet. It'll be a bit more expensive, but as long as I buy boneless meat, I should be able to handle the cooking and such.

As you might imagine, the news is full of Sean Taylor's death. I'm sorry he died, like anybody else who died, but the Redskins imprint has taken over.
Tags: cats, sports, weather

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