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She Ate Turkey!

I diced the rest of the thawed turkey leg meat last night and this morning, zapped it a few seconds so it was steaming, and then poured the packet stuff over it. Spirit not only ate turkey, she left packet stuff right in front of her while she reached out for the turkey. I'm pretty sure it was both the heat and the size, so since I was only going to buy stuff for her at the grocery store tomorow and I have 16 more days-worth of frozen leg-meat, I think I'll try the cold cuts and baby food meat Monday week.

The book I'm reading, We Band of Angels, is supposed to be about how wonderful the nurses were who were trapped on Bataan and then Corrigedor by the Japanese. And it's about that, but I've been taking notes about the apparent dislike by the author (who is a nursing instructor) of everybody else. Last night, she finally said it right out, so I wrote down the page number. I'm sure my different take on this from Rivka is that I grew up and mostly worked for the military so I know they can't do impossible things. I think the review will be difficult.
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