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No Gravy

I put a container of the dark turkey meat in the fridge to thaw overnight and this morning I put about half of it on the plate and then the packet stuff with gravy over it, thinking that flavoring might help it. No, Miss Girl just chewed once and then picked up every piece she encountered and dropped it off the plate. She would smell them and pick them up again and then drop them again. Shiva ate one piece, but the rest were left. Just in case it's size, I'll dice what's left in the container to put under the packet stuff tomorrow. I got a recipe for "kitty glop" from Mary Ann from rasfc and I might try that if the baby food meat doesn't work. It involves mixing and cooking stuff on the stove.

I went out to Tony's for lunch today and spent too much money getting a slice of artichoke pizza (very large slices) and garlic-cheese bread. It was sure good, though. I went and got gas ($3.059) since I was under a half-tank and I have to go in to Merrifield for PT on Tuesday. I might cancel that, though. I've stopped hurting after days of walking and it might be because I've been out walking just about every day the last two weeks. The answer there is probably to go out more often even though I like nice quiet days at home. Then again, my knees are hurting a lot, probably from walking....
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