Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

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Protein for Cats

Well, I cooked the turkey drumsticks last night and gave the cats a little plate of them. The boys were very happy, but Spirit sniffed and moved away. Today my wrists hurt a lot and I couldn't figure out why, but now that I've just finished cooking the turkey breast and have it resting, I figure it must have been carving. Fortunately, carving the breast is a lot easier than carving drumsticks. If Spirit doesn't like turkey breast, I'll have to buy some small amounts of chicken and roast beef cold cuts and see how it goes. I originally suggested cheese to the vet, but she said too much fat, so if Spirit won't eat meat this way, I'll have to call the vet and get a prescription for high-protein dry food.
Tags: cats
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