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The Psych

He turned out to be a nice young black/mixed race man. Very tall and thin. His emergency on Monday was his wife getting dehydrated with the flu and needing to go to Urgent Care. He didn't seem worried and he thought the Celexa might already be working. He frequently said "that's common after stroke" and he already had access to my medical history. I see him again in four weeks and have already made the appointment. At one point he told me that I was clearly detail-oriented and I guffawed and told him about the time I had to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for a review and told my boss I thought it was silly. It's good to be detail-oriented and perfectionistic when you work on weapons.

I stopped and left the urine sample I couldn't do yesterday and then took the recycling to the right depots. When I got to the transfer station, someone else was trapped by the Canada Geese, so I pulled up close to the leader and told him/her to move along to the side! Go on, now! And she/he did and the others followed so the guy who was trapped could get out. The bad thing about the geese on the parking lot is geese poop.
Tags: errands, health

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