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Schedules Change

I was awakened by a phone call from Kaiser -- the psych I was to see today had a family emergency and I got rescheduled for Wednesday. So I went ahead and got groceries today. Then Lucilla stopped by and she needs to come early tomorrow -- 9:30am -- because Jesus has his PT tomorrow instead of Friday (the therapist is off). Poor Jesus, he wanted to see the cats, but they scattered as soon as they heard his voice from the door.

So since Lucilla will be done about noon (and I'll wake up again then -- I sleep in the recliner while she'd here), I'll go ahead and do standing labs, Petsmart, and a haircut tomorrow. I planned to do those on Wednesday, along with taking recycling out, but now I'll do the recycling and see the psych. Thursday looks really empty, but I remembered it's a holiday, and on Friday I'm meeting Brenda Clough about halfway between our homes for lunch so I can give her the hair ornaments I made for her daughter's wedding attendants. Another busy week.
Tags: errands
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