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Productive Day

The vet came and checked the cats. They got their 3-year rabies and they were all fine except for weight (and Shiva has a bit of tartar on his teeth, not time to clean yet). I'd changed to Science Diet Indoor Cat to see if that would make Shiva lose weight and he'd lost 10 pounds (down to 15 -- still a very big cat, but sleek), but Spirit is down to 5.6 pounds, which is kind of worrisome, and Giorgio to 7.9. I need to give them some pure protein, like sliced chicken from the deli (they've never seemed interested in that before, so I won't buy too much on Monday).

I made all the appointments: psych on Monday (my primary said there was a psychiatrist who comes to Manassas and I should ask for him), PT the next week, and my early rheumatology appointment in January. I need to get an appointment book for next year.

I saw the mailtruck go by and hurried out without coat or shoes because I was afraid she'd leave before I got down there and boy, was it cold and windy. I should have grabbed my coat. It was a pill bottle under the latch -- I could see the marks on the mailer the latch had made -- and boy did I have mail. Luke came down after me and fortunately, he had a bag in his pocket because I really needed it. He told Anne that we needed a trash can there for junk mail. When I got back, my hands felt almost frozen so I stuck them under my breasts for a bit. Fastest way to sit down and get them warm.

Then someone from the shop brought the van and I drove us back, paid, and went to Ruby Tuesdays because I had a craving for a baked potato. When I drove back in, I saw bicycles locked to a sign near the entrance to the development and later I saw two Mormon kids walking by. I knew Luke and I would be next, so I opened the front door and pointed at Luke's door and said "Don't bother him. He's 86 and he'd have to come down the steps." One of the guys said "Poor guy" and made a note in a notebook. I told them I wasn't interested and the other one asked if I thought anybody was and I said "Probably not" and shut the door.

Shiva spent most of last evening in the cage. He got out once to eat and Spirit got in. He came back and stared her down until she leaped out of the cage and he got back in. He's not so happy about it tonight.
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