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Definitely to Dream

Or at least sleep. I set the alarm for 10am and brushed my hair and put on yesterday's clothes and took the van up to the shop and came back to go back to bed. I reset the alarm for 12:30pm to account for the 30 minutes I was up, but when it went off, I just turned it off and slept until 3pm and wasn't showered and up and competent until about 4:45pm so I'll do the appointments tomorrow. (However, when I brushed my hair the second time I got up and went into the bathroom to set up for the shower, I saw in the mirror that my hair was swept up and out, kind of like bird wings. The guys at the shop didn't even look like anything was weird.)

The van needs two new rear tires to pass state inspection, which didn't surprise me because I asked them to look at one of them, and they've fixed the clickity noise (a belt needed to be replaced) and the windshield washer mechanism (new pump). They did the annual oil change (only 2746 miles this year, but it's easier to get it done at state inspection rather than go back when it hits 3K), too. The tires come tomorrow so I'll get the van back then. I stopped briefly on the way to the shop to get yesterday's mail but something is up under my latch again (the mailperson was really late yesterday, so it probably wasn't Anne who knows not to stick things under latches). I hope to get the mail by Saturday.

The vet comes tomorrow for the annual kitty checkup and I got the small cage out of the storeroom, put a towel in it, and put it on the couch. Spirit and Giorgio sniffed at it, but Shiva has been inside since he saw it. I'm surprised he fits, but maybe tight spaces make him feel better. Tomorrow I'll put one cat in the bedroom closet and one cat in the bedroom bathroom and close the bedroom door and the last cat in the cage. I think it will be easier to catch them this year.
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