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Doctor's Visit

I saw my primary today and we're going to stop the iron (I'm actually running a little high these days) and decrease the HRT and then stop and see what happens. He told me something I didn't know -- antidepressants also help stop hot flashes -- so besides my idea that I've been on it for 10 years and may not need it anymore, I may have some protection from the antidepressant.

Which is the next thing we talked about. I've been not suicidal, but I did have a night where I wondered who would take the cats, and I've been really down for about three months. Not my reflexive happiness, but sad, and depressed. I was thinking he'd offer a new antidepressant to start with, but he offered to double the Cymbalta. I think I must have blanched because he said "Is there a problem with that?" and I said "I'm paying $137.xx a month now for it. I don't think I can handle double." So then he suggested that I stop the Cymbalta for 48 hours and start Celexa, which is a preferred drug at Kaiser and it turns out to only be $10 a month! So I sure hope it works, for two reasons! I also agreed to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist.

I told him that during the temperature bouncing, I was in too much pain for the acetominaphen and we decided I'd try Tylenol #3 -- acetominaphen with codeine -- and see how that works. I told him about the stride thing, about how after I'd been out of the house walking, I had a lot of trouble walking later in the day, and he gave me a referral to PT. I'll work on the appointments tomorrow.

Kaiser has changed their online system and I can see what they have for my allergies and diagnoses and he wasn't able to put Tape and Adhesives in for allergies (they only take predetermined choices), but he did add Osteoarthritis to the diagnoses. I had several specific osteo conditions noted, but I have it all through my body now.

He also set up a thyroid test -- TSH -- for me to get with the standing orders next week, since that could be why I'm losing weight. Not that I mind losing weight, but there's no obvious reason for it and I haven't had a TSH for two years. I also asked him to note on the chart that I had been exposed to DDT when I was 6-8, which means I'm at even higher risk of breast cancer (so another good reason to stop HRT). Quite a list I took, huh?

Then I stopped by the post office and mailed my package and left a note for my maillady about not being able to get into my box. I went by Popeyes and got a 2 piece dinner, dark, spicy, with mash, and as I was turning into our little set of no-exit cul-de-sacs, I saw her just ahead. I went on and parked behind her and explained and asked if she would take a few minutes to come back and let me into my box, which she did. It was a Priority Mail box of beads that had been shoved under the latch; my bracelet hasn't come yet. It was very kind of her to do that and I have to find out who to write a letter to. The box was also overflowing with catalogs. Winter Shopping Holiday is approaching.
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