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Lunch with the Family

I was online so late last night that I decided just to finish the Sunday paper from two weeks ago and go to bed. I had only six hours of sleep when I woke up a few minutes before 11am when the alarm would go off and I hauled myself out of bed. Rick, his wife Allison, and their daughter Kathleen arrived shortly before noon (Peter, who is 16, is apparently too moody and sullen to come, plus he only gets to play World of Warcraft on weekends) so we went to Tony's. They each had a piece of pizza (large pieces), I had a Greek salad, and Rick had a Greek salad, too. We also ordered some cheese bread. The reason the time is important is that Tony's fills up with parishioners from All Saints when mass gets out, so on Sunday, you need to get there close to noon.

We had a good talk and they gave me a small picture holder where the base is formed "JOY" (my middle name) and they invited me down for Thanksgiving or Christmas (their house and just them, for the first year). I said no thanks, but I may reconsider. When we got back to the house, they wanted to take pictures in front of the door -- all of us, then me with Rick, me with Allison, me with Kathleen. The cats had been in the kitchen window when we came out of the van, and when Giorgio saw other people coming up the ramp with me, he hissed at me through the window and ran! None of them have figured out the shelter is to run to.

I showed them Grandma Alice's (mother's mother) Scripture Verse quilt and asked if they wanted it. Rick seems to be feeling more of his familial past these days and he should have one of the quilts. Allison made sure I really wanted to give it, and then said "It's mine!" Rick toted out the dishpack with our great-grandmother's lead crystal stemware (Dad's side) and Kathleen took the bag that had the extra Halloween candy, the recipe booklet, and Rick's Alaska cup, saucer, and spoon I'd forgotten to have the movers pack with the rest. I looked at my list of things and had Rick put a new battery in the smoke detector and then they were off.

I finished going through today's paper and at 3pm was so sleepy I napped until 7:30pm. I'm just going to watch TV and read the paper tonight and catch up with online tomorrow.
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