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Much Better Today and Chairs Attack Cat!

While I was up in the early hours after I napped, I had some ice cream because I felt hot and by the time I went to bed to read, my temp was down to 98.4. I turned the light out at 9am and slept until the alarm went off at 1pm when my temp was 98.3. Missed pneumonia this time! I was up for about an hour and then had to nap a couple more hours. Now I feel like I could handle outdoors with some coughing and the occasional kleenex.

Poor Giorgio has been attacked by chairs twice today. I have a ladderback chair in the bedroom that I sit in to take my meds and I pushed at it, meaning to push it back a bit, but my robe was over the top and it fell backwards, on Giorgio. Then about an hour ago, I rolled the office chair back a bit and Giorgio rushed out of the dining room. He wasn't hurt either time, but this is not the thing for the kitty with PTSD.
Tags: cats, health

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