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Asimov's October/November 2007

I'm so late in reviewing this because I had to read all the Coyote books before I read the part of Galaxy Blues that's being serialized.

There's an interesting conceit in this double issue -- Sheila had an homage to Asimov's Nightfall by Robert Reed, plus another celestial story, Leonid Skies by Carl Frederick, and put Asimov's Nightfall right in the middle. I'm normally quite fond of Reed's stories, but while this one was obviously an homage, it didn't quite ring true. Leonid Skies, however, was very good -- a father and son camping trip under a dome where the dome prefers to show movies on the inside rather than watch the Leonids.

Other stories I liked:

Dark Integers by Greg Egan -- some computer scientists stumble onto another world in a computer and must work to keep it from taking over.

Skull Valley by Michael Cassutt -- a rural law officer is required by the feds to chase a fugitive. When he finds out who the fugitive is, he makes his own decisions.

I loved PMF Johnson's poem "Endangered."

Jim Kelly's column takes on the Pixel-Stained Technopeasants, with the timelag of magazines.
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