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Changing Clocks, PBS Show, and Dream

I changed the car DVD player's time before I turned the engine off yesterday (and then had to turn the power back on to put the windows up because I was so careful to remember the time). One VCR, my radio-signal alarm clock and the computer all changed by themselves. Last night I changed the time on the other VCR, the TV, and my cell phone. Today, after I got the right wrench, I took the analog flower clock mostly apart (because cleaning ladies had been loosening the screw that holds the quartz movement and hands straight), put it back together tightly, and changed the time.

I took advantage of the extra hour last night to watch the first two episodes of a miniseries on PBS: The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard. It's about a supermarket manager who accidently talks to a TV crew after breaking up a candidate fight in front of her store. She thinks politics should be brought back to the people and as she is interviewed more and more, and acquires political and financial sponsors, other new candidates all over England join her Purple Alliance. It's been fascinating so far seeing how the English "machine" works and how the change affects her family. There's another ep tonight and the last one next week.

Right before I woke up today, I dreamed that I had a husband who had come home from war, bringing a little boy who had lost all his family. As I started going through his stuff to clean and repair, I realized that there was a code and a message, but the message was incomplete. He had one bag he'd forbidden me to open and I was sure the rest of the message was in there. He was moody and withdrawn and I was worried that it wasn't just the war, but whatever this message was, so early one morning, while he and the boy were asleep, I opened the bag. And then I woke up. Not fair!
Tags: clocks, dream, tv

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