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I Posted Yesterday!

I don't think it was interesting, but I remember posting. Maybe it will come back to me.

It's cool enough to wear my fall coat today so I picked buttons from the bowl near the door. "All One People" on one side and "He Lied, They Died" on the other. I went to Pizza Hut where I was asked to move to the far corner (where another booth was occupied) because they had a football team coming in. The team (and families) took the rest of the restaurant and even though I had breadsticks before the footballers got there, my little personal pan pizza came out after their 12 large pizzas. There were people waiting in the lobby to be seated. If they'd just brought mine first, there'd be more room.

When I got home, I noticed the birdfeeder was mostly empty and when I looked closer, I noticed the series of rains we had left some mold on the feeder, so I scraped as much of the seeds out as I could and the feeder is now in the dishwasher (it's made of dead milk jugs).

I always skim the day's WashPost before relegating it to the bottom of the to-read newspaper stack and today's had a mention of a You Tube channel that is chronicling our county/city's assault against immigrants. Some of makes me want to shout.
Tags: racism

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