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Long Nap

I just woke up from a six hour nap. I was full-awake yesterday, even though I got up late because of the flexeril, but I was still a little sleepy today. It went away by the time I was ready to leave so I went ahead and took trash and recycling to our dumpster receptacles, then mixed paper to the waste station, then picked up wet food and snackies at PetSmart, and had lunch at California Tortilla.

The problem was that my ankle hurt a bit as I left and became less stable partway through and I almost fell twice. Close enough to falling that I hurt a lot from contorting and stretching my body to stay upright. This could also be from all the getting up and down for answering the door last night, even though I only had 12 kids. I'm not eating 18 candy bars, so I put them away. My brother and his family are coming 11/11 and I'll send them home with them.

So I checked email and went to sleep in the recliner. I'm going to sign off now and watch some TV and read some more papers. I don't have to do anything tomorrow and I hope catching up will be as easy as it was on Sunday.
Tags: health

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