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Almost caught up!

I actually got through all of my regular online activities except the new posts on Making Light and still watched TV at 9pm. I had planned to watch Viva Laughlin at 8pm while I was online, but it was replaced by an old CSI. I guess that's it for that show. And then I read all of last Sunday's paper! I feel fairly competent.

Today I went to get yarn and then groceries and I will soon start Monday Cat Blankie Laundry.

When I pulled in to get the mail on the way home, one of the neighbors in the next building was getting his mail and he said "Medicare and Me!" and I said, oh, probably me too, and yes, my yearly "Medicare and You" was in the box. My part B deductible is going up a bit, but Kaiser's premium isn't changing and there's not many other changes. I called Kaiser Member Services, followed orders and pushed 5 for Medicare and then stayed on the line if I didn't want to talk about meds, and ended up at Advice. Advice transferred me to someone who had no idea what I wanted, but did transfer me to Member Services Medicare. I told her how the forwarding was wrong before we stopped talking so that can be fixed. I asked her when the Kaiser booklet will come out because that's what will tell me what the formulary is, which is the other important part, and she said early November.
Tags: errands, health

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