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Marilee J. Layman

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04:23 pm: More Pain, More Cat Stuff
A neighbor stopped by last evening and did the cats bolt for the shelter? Spirit might have, but she stopped in the hallway when I said "It's okay." Shiva and Giorgio went for the cat castle. So I guess there's more learning there. The neighbor told me that the condo org is going to have to make a parking space for his disabled wife on our side of the street and pay for railings and such that he put in (he has a Class A license). He told me that he'd also brought up to the state inspectors that none of the ground-floor condos followed the housing law that was already in place at the time they were built (I knew this) -- all are supposed to allow a wheelchair to enter, turn around, and use a bathroom. None do. Mine's the closest, but the upper ramp is steeper than ADA rules. I wanted it that way because the alternative was to build up the stoop two inches and put the ramp all the way to the center sidewalk and its height from that would require railings and lights. And I'd have to pay for it. I'm careful with the upper ramp and I have the doorjamb edges to hold onto.

I hurt a lot today. I didn't realize how much until I got to Pizza Hut and had my personal pan Supreme and then almost couldn't stand up because I hurt so much. So I'm going to put in the review next and then take some acetominaphen and take a nap.

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Date:October 30th, 2007 04:01 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear that you are having pain issue. Ouch. Hope that eases up soon.

Does this mean that as part of the condo group you will end up paying for a share of the modification? That would suck, especially since you avoided modifications at least partly due to the cost.

Good for Spirit. Aliera recently adopted a pair of cats whose former owners had a baby with allergy issues. They are quite timid and she has banned the other animals from the basement apartment until they adjust. We had Buffy night down there on Sunday (watching Dr. Who from Aliera's computer) and the dogs found me eating steak downstairs without them distressing enough that even two floors away we couldn't stand their misery. She wasn't home so we went ahead and let them in, but limited them to the livingroom. Both cats ventured out multiple times to glare at the dogs before retreating to the safety of the bedrooms. Spaz was very careful to leave when neither dog was looking. Ginger is still very sad about being banished from A's space (she now checks on her from the outside windows) but after seeing the cats she seems less insecure about it.
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Date:October 30th, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
It's the weather. If it would just get cold and stay that way, I'd still hurt, but not as much.

You mean for my condo? It's possible the condo org would pay for it (partially from my fees). If you mean for the other ground-floor condos, yes, the org has already put money aside for it and I suspect our fees will be raised. It's not just the original cost, but wooden ramps need to be replaced every five or six years so it's a repeating cost. In fact, I've had a form in to the board to approve a new ramp (I'm hoping they'll approve concrete, but it will almost certainly be wood) for a few months because the current one is getting pretty wobbly, but the president says they've been busy with other things.

The odd thing is that Spirit is the one with the anxiety disorder and the compulsive disorder. Someone knocked at the door yesterday to try and get me to buy more Comcast and they ran to their old places. I hope they figure out the shelter is safer.

Ali's new cats seem to be doing well. Venturing out and glaring at dogs is a good start. I'm sure they'll adjust. You guys have quite a menagerie!
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