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Shiva Takes Over the Shelter

Later yesterday evening, Shiva headed down the hall and apparently smelled the snackies in the shelter and settled in down there. He came out after a while and then went back. This morning, when I got up, he came out of the shelter. It's not as warm as the bed or as soft as the recliner, but apparently he approves of it. I hope he lets the little guys in the next time someone comes!

Steve swapped the lower stabilizers on the bed yesterday and Peapod arrived in the middle of it. By the time I'd put the perishables away, he was mostly done and he very kindly hauled the old pieces out to the dumpster on his way home. After the problems with carrying so much from the Giant, I decided I'd still use Peapod, but every six weeks instead of every four weeks.

My upstairs neighbor, Luke, has pink and white flowers blooming on his railing in the summer (the boxes are fastened to the rail) and the flowers come down with the wind. Yesterday, I thought one of the pink flowers had come down and reached out through my balcony uprights to pick it up and look at it, but it was attached! One of his flowers had spawned! I forgot to ask what they are (peonies, I think), but he says they won't live through the winter or come up again next year, so I guess I get a few days of pink flower.

After I got up and online, I got really sleepy and set the VCRs properly and went to sleep in the recliner. Luke woke me up after 90 minutes; he was ready to go get the mail. When he came back, I went to put the pile on the desk and was planning on sleeping more when I dropped the pile and noticed my check was in it. I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow (so I couldn't deposit and pay bills until Monday), so I put shoes on and took it to the bank. It's raining like crazy today and I didn't put a jacket on, but the van has heat. When I got back home, I dropped the receipt on the desk and went to take my shoes off and then came back to fold up the recliner duvet and put it and the pillow away. As I was folding it, I noticed Shiva was sitting between two folds in such a way that he could still see outside. That boy's having a good day.
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