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More Pain and Errands

Another bad night. It's hard to sleep when you hurt. I did the recycling today -- newspapers to our container, mixed paper recycling to the transfer station, and cardboard to the public works dumpster. I'm seeing more and more signs for county candidates on city lawns. I wonder if it's tit-for-tat -- people see someone has one and they want to counter it with one for the opponent. I've gotten two political recordings on the cellphone so far, both Democratic.

I brought the big carrier in from the storeroom -- it's been out there so long I'll need to clean it as well as put it together. I need to do that tonight because Steve is probably coming tomorrow night to replace the parts of the bed that had damaged veneer.

I noticed while I was out today, I don't know why, but my right little finger is also curving in more. Arthritis!
Tags: cats, errands, health

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