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Pain Today

I woke up last night in a lot of pain and while I took some acetaminophen and logged it, it wasn't enough (Luke says he hurts a lot, too -- probably weather, it's changing to cooler tomorrow). It looks like I'll have to accept some narcotics. Lucilla came today and I slept in the recliner from the time she got in to when she woke me up to leave. Then I slept for another two hours. It's odd, the cats will happily sleep with me in the recliner while she's here, but as soon as I wake up and sit up, they're huddled around the cat furniture. I thought of what to do for their shelter and I feel silly for not thinking of it before -- I'll just get the big carrier (that I can't carry with cats in it anymore) and put it together and put it in the back of my closet. There's plenty of room for all three of them.

Shiva has been unhappy with me for a week because I changed their kitty food. He's gaining weight -- fat, really -- and so I switched to the Science Diet Indoor Mature 7+ Cat Food which doesn't have as many calories and is supposed to help hairballs, not that we have problems with that. The other two are okay with it, and he'll eat it after grousing for a while, so I'm not too worried.
Tags: cats, health

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