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New BFAC Necklace at Auction

I just put a new necklace on eBay where all the winning bid will go to BFAC. It's beadwoven with a mostly pink base, but a lot of purple in the base and the crystals and the beads. There's a really neat cloisonne centerpiece -- flowers with a little butterfly -- and the findings are 14k gold-filled. I think it turned out really well.

Jay, the friend from bookgroup who started the secretary, dropped by today with his family and he finished it while we talked. (Okay, their 11-year-old slept -- he'd been camping for the weekend.) I've got the meds on the shelves and it looks like it will work just like I wanted it to! Now I never have to put my meds away, the drop desk will be up and everything hidden.
Tags: beads, furniture

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