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Errands, Nap, and Dream

Maybe getting the groceries after all that walking isn't such a good thing. I woke up about halfway into my sleeptime in a lot of pain and took (and logged) some acetoominaphen, which got me back to sleep. I took trash and recycling out today and came home and started in on computer/online things, but got very sleepy a little after 4pm. Sleepy enough that I screwed up the VCRs again and had them both tape NBC. I'm watching the last third of Criminal Minds now. I slept for 5.5 hours and just watch, I'll still want to turn off the light at 4am like usual. At least I don't have to go out tomorrow.

The box with the center gables for my secretary arrived today. I'll have to email and ask about the bed parts.

The dream I had as I woke up was odd. I'd been required by some secret agency to go to a series of parties in a large expensive apartment building and they'd assigned me a little boy in a stroller to go with me. I got the info they wanted from gossiping, but when I got out, I realized the little boy had either left stuff in the apartments or stolen stuff from them. I went back alone and broke into the apartments to put things back right (and because I was going up and down the elevator with lots of bags, I bought a couple things at a vendor, too. This turned out to be a good idea because when someone stopped me and said I was really shopping, I was able to show him the red embroidered Chinese slippers with the receipt (to show how inexpensive they'd been) and he backed off. Then I woke up.
Tags: dream, errands

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