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Meds and Errands

I went to pick up the increased meds and they were backed up for 30 minutes, so I got gas and stopped by Popeyes to try the jalapeno chicken poppers. They're not very hot, just a mild buzz on the tongue, which is not much different from their regular spicy chicken. I went back and picked up the meds and then on to the grocery store.

I've definitely decided that I don't need Peapod to deliver every four weeks anymore, but I'm trying to decide whether I should use it every six weeks or drop it completely. Today I bought a bottle of light cranberry juice cocktail, which I would have to buy every week if I didn't have Peapod plus regular things, and a 24-pack of TP (usually comes from Peapod). I was able to handle them even with the walking before, using the rolling crate to get them in from the van, so I think I might try doing without Peapod for a while and see how it goes. I also think I might buy straight cranberry juice concentrate from a company Joy Beeson directed us to for cherry concentrate. I didn't mark the company, so I'll google groups or ask her.
Tags: errands

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