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The Rheumatologist

I saw her a couple months early because I had a giant bump on my right ring finger just turn up. I thought that was a gout tophus and the other two bumps that turned up at the same time were lipomas (fatty tumors, usually benign), but the doctor thinks one of the other bumps is also a tophus. Now, my serum uric acid has been normal for a couple years, so I'm not supposed to be able to get tophi. Yeah right, I'm not supposed to get a lot of things I have.

I've had a lot fewer aches with the new bed, but a bone below my right hip (greater trochanter) still hurts and she says it has bursitis so I need an eggcrate topper for the mattress for a while.

We're going to increase the main gout med by 50% and double the gout pain med (that just for four weeks). I had my flu shot, too.

I've lost 30 pounds this year. I had already started losing small amounts of weight before I switched from the Gatorade to the Squincher Lite and have continued losing the same amount so I'm not even sure it's due to that. I'm not doing anything to cause it, though.
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