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TV and Underwear

I watched the Women's Murder Club on Friday. It slips Angie Harmon back into her Law and Order milieu but as a detective. Her friends the medical examiner and the assistant district attorney talk about the murder of the day and a reporter appears destined to be the fourth of the club. It was pretty good and I like crime shows, so I'll watch it until it bores me.

In one of the WashPosts I read last night, there was this interesting exchange of letters between a judge advocate and an attorney for a prisoner at Gitmo. The Navy lawyer accuses the prisoner's lawyer of sneaking in a Speedo and Under Armour briefs to the prisoner. The lawyer explains that he's searched on the way in and taped all the time he's there and proposes that since the base carries Under Armour (popular with sailors), that one of the guards gave the prisoner the contraband undies. I can see a number of things being contraband, but comfortable undies?
Tags: politics, tv

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