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Sleep, Sheep, Cheat

I slept six hours yesterday. The two hours while Lucilla was cleaning, which made up for getting up early for her, but then four hours from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. Fortunately, I set the VCRs properly.

Our regular mail lady is back, she was on vacation and the reason our mail was so late was that they didn't have spare people to take her route; other carriers had to add parts of her route to theirs. I picked up the mail on the way back from errands today and left a bit of junk mail on a clip on Luke's, my upstairs neighbor's, door -- our sign that I've picked up my mail already. I saw him head out to the mailboxes and his right arm had a lot of gauze and tape on it. I watched for him to come back and asked him about it. He fell while I was napping and I didn't wake up for it, but I can't stay awake all the time. He has a glass right eye and he was putting something into the dishwasher, turned right without looking, and fell into the dishwasher's lower rack and door, lacerating his arm on the latch. Fortunately, he's not hurt badly, but he'll probably have to have a new dishwasher. (They're about due, anyway. One thing about living in a development is that lots of people start needing new appliances about the same time.)

I took the recycling out today and got cat stuff at PetSmart. I looked at the covered beds to see if they would work for a shelter now that the couch and bed don't, but they're barely big enough for Spirit, much less the other two. I usually know when someone will be here more than a few minutes, so I think when that happens, I'll try making up one of the boxes I have collapsed at the back of the walk-in closet and putting towels in. I'd put it on its side so they have a top and three sides and the fourth side can be my few long dresses.

I had lunch at Friday's today -- from the right portion menu, the half-rack baby back ribs with salad instead of fries -- and all the people around me were having big fancy margaritas where they got to take the glass home. I heard the folks at the next table talking about how nice they looked and they were definitely getting some, too.

The eyelid problem has been solved. I did the "new product" review at the beginning, but recently green_knight posted about having to read labels every time because companies keep changing formulas and putting in things she's allergic to. This made me email the manufacturer of my moisturizer, and yes, they had changed the formula with no notice. I started using a different moisturizer three and a half weeks ago and things have been fine since.
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