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Signs and Replies

The replies first -- I got email from the furniture company and they have started the process of sending the new parts, but these are coming from Canada (they must keep just the already-packed boxes in the Seattle warehouse) so will have to go through customs. Also, I've been waiting forever to get the new ramp approved (they're wood, the landscapers run mowers into them, they die), and I've been leaving messages for the new management rep and she hasn't been returning them. Well, I found out secondhand today that we have a new management company. I kept the form that I printed out; I think I'll fill it out again and hope the new company won't insist on their own form.

Signs. First, political signs. I went different routes yesterday and today from usual and still saw more blue signs than red. However, some of the blue signs are for a Republican, which is odd, since usually the parties stick to their assigned colors. The other odd thing is that there are houses, in the city, with signs for candidates from the county. They can't vote for them, but they want to promote them. I also saw some mixed party signs on single yards. The ones for the incumbent sheriff (Republican) with the Democratic signs are not surprising -- I voted for him in the primary because it looked like there wasn't going to be a Democratic opponent. There still isn't, because the Dems wouldn't take the guy who is running as an Independent. I suppose some 80-year-olds are really agile, but he has no law enforcement experience and I'd expect both for the sheriff. It's the yards with signs for the incumbent state delegate (Republican, and the bigot) also with signs for the Democratic state senator that are unusual here. And finally, one of the churches in the area now has one of those big signs with moving letters. Maybe they'll put in a coffee bar.

I went out and mailed a package today and got groceries. Nothing too exciting.
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