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TV, Less Pain, and Errands

I napped between 6:30 and 10:30 last night and I screwed up one VCR setting (wrong channel) so I didn't see Cold Case and Shark and PBS showed something different than Mystery during the right time I taped on the other VCR. I'd already decided I could miss Desperate Housewives, it's like a soap -- things always get talked about in the next ep. As it happened the Inspector Lynley Mysteries was one-third of the way through when I was sitting down with beading expecting to watch the entire thing on tape, so I got most of it, plus a little beading done. No newspaper reading, though. I'm a week and a half behind. The big problem is how much time I'm spending online. I have to get better at skimming and not spending time looking things up for people.

I woke up about 8am (halfway through my sleep period) in a lot of pain and got up and took a couple of acetaminophen (logged them) and went back to sleep. I was fine today to take the foam stuff to the dumpster, the cardboard to the public works cardboard dumpster, and the end table and a bag of clothes to the thrift store. As long as I was out there, I hit the ATM for the money for the week. Today's mail still isn't here -- I'm not sure what's happening with our regular mail lady.
Tags: furniture, health, tv

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