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The Bed

Steve (from the library book group) just finished the bookcase headboard, and it looks great! He's reading the instructions for the bed now. We (mostly he) took the old mattress, boxsprings, and bedframe out to the van and then to the dumpster. Getting the mattress in was interesting. The folks who were originally to pick up the vanity backed out because of the distance (which was annoying because Craigslist has you put where you live on the post). The second couple came last night and tried to get it into their car and it didn't work, so I emailed the next person that sounded reasonable and her mother and brothers came to get it today. So there's only a small night table (really an end table that I bought years ago at a Goodwill store) left to move out (the bookcase headboard will take its place) and I can carry that to the van and to the thrift store.

I've been working on deconstructing the boxes and strapping foam pieces to each other to take to public works recycling and the dumpster, respectively.

I have a half-size Billy bookcase in the box and another library book group friend, Andrew, is coming tomorrow to assemble that.

The cats are terrified.
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