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Coyote by Allen Steele

I had planned to read this and the following books when I got to this one in the piles, but Asimov's is serializing the fourth book which has some of the same characters as the third and is in the same universe, so I'm reading them now.

I originally read this story, more or less, in Asimov's as a series of novellas. I'm glad I read the copyright page first, where Allen notes that some of the stories have been slightly or significantly changed. A series of scenes from near the beginning that were etched on my mind are no longer in the book. On the other end, some info is repeated in each story and probably should have been edited out.

Coyote starts from a time not too far from now when the Republicans have taken over the country and Pacifica and New England have seceded. People in the Republic dress like people did in Civil War time, and the rules are chilling. Robert E. Lee is the captain of the first spaceship and will be taking colonists to an inhabitable moon called Coyote. Lee is disaffected and manages to replace most of the specially-picked Republican colonists with "Dissident Intellectuals" (I think I need a DI patch) and get away. When they get to Coyote, things are more difficult than expected, and some teenagers are, well, teenagers. I like it even more all together, with Allen's changes. Highly recommended.
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