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Year's Best SF 5 edited by David Hartwell

As usual, I enjoyed this anthology. I appreciate that Hartwell sticks to SF and that he looks afar for good stories. In this case, a number of the stories in this year's edition came from Moon Shots. Some of my favorites:

"Evolution Never Sleeps" by Elizabeth Malarte -- how do we know this is a pause in evolution for all species?

"MACS" by Terry Bisson -- if it's only fair that the victim gets revenge, what do you do when there are more victims than criminals?

"Rosetta Stone" by Fred Lerner -- a librarian solves the problem!

"Democritus' Violin by G. David Nordley -- can we make true duplicates of objects, and when we do, how will we feel about them?

"Ancient Engines by Michael Swanwick -- how does an android feel about an upgraded version?

"Freckled Figure" by Hiroe Suga (translated by Dana Lewis and Stephen Baxter) -- can you become attached to an animate toy and what happens when it's taken away?
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