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I Hab a Code

I started going through hankies pretty quickly last night but it wasn't until I was on my way to Pizza Hut that I realized that I was singing with Roseanne Cash on her deeper notes, and yes, I was mouth-breathing. I have a cold. So I got the box of tissues from the closet, don't want to reinfect myself, and have been going through them so fast that I have a special bag for the discards. The timing and proximity implicate Lucilla, my cleaning lady.

Scraps will laugh at this -- I've listened to "Crimson and Clover" two days in a row. Nathan's, where I had my ice cream yesterday, puts an oldies station through the speakers and it was played there, and I just finished listening to Dolly Parton's CD of covers, "Those Were the Days" and it's on there, too. I just put Lyle Lovett's "Joshua Judges Ruth" CD in.

A little PR on behalf of a friend (although they're going to end soon). Celia does polyclay and has some fabulous dragons, cabochons, and pens on eBay. I bought a green and purple pen and it came yesterday and it's really cool!
Tags: health, music

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