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Other New Shows I Watched

I was going to tape Reaper on Tuesday and watch it later, but what was on the tape was fluffy, glittery, and princessy. Comcast swapped the channels for CW and ABC Family without telling me. I'd noticed it was to be repeated last night so I watched then. A couple sold their first-born's soul (at 21) to the devil in order to save the husband's life. The series starts when their son turns 21 and has some odd powers. He finds out what happened and that the devil wants him to repossess souls that escape from hell. He's given a dustbuster to do it with. Boy, was this stupid.

Bionic Woman -- This is really different from the original. It's dark, angry, and bloody. The protagonist is not the first Bionic Woman, the first (played by Katee Sackhoff) is evil and apparently they'll be fighting each other. The project is making more Bionic People and if I had to go by the premiere, I'd say this is going to be like superheroes with black costumes. I'll watch it once again and see.

Life is about a policeman who had been jailed for 12 years for a triple murder but has been exonerated and awarded many millions of dollars. And what does he do? Go back on the force. We're shown that he read about Zen in prison, and it's clear that he's supposed to be following (or trying to follow) it, but it's not shown very well, and it annoys the new partner. As you might expect, he turns out to be the key to finding the answer to the murder, and even though he professes not to care who set him up, he has a big wall layout about it. I really disliked his character, but I'll give it one more chance.
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