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Good Labs

The nephrologist finally released my lab results from last week (the primary doc and rheumatologist always release them as soon as they get them, I don't know what's up with the nephrologist) and they're really good. My sugar is back down to 100, which is acceptable, and my BUN and creatinine, which had been elevated since the first renal failure, were also back to normal. On the verge, but normal. Even my carbon dioxide was 0.1 up into the acceptable level. I hope this is a trend.

I had Marty from our local Mr. Handyman scheduled for today and tomorrow. He was the guy who came when I used them before and he's very good and pleasant. The day split is because he did a little drywall work and will have to come back and sand and paint tomorrow, but the receptionist told him it was because I had eight hours of work. Not exactly. I had a long list of fairly minor stuff (the kind of thing I could have done myself when I was well) and he finished all but the drywall stuff (which was behind my toilet, so I'm using the guest bath for a couple of days) in an hour and forty minutes. He didn't have to put in the new GFCI outlet -- I just hadn't been strong enough to push the reset. It had popped off, not been killed. I'll have to use a tool to push if there's a next time. Then the cats and I went back to bed in the recliner.

One of the things Marty did was to hang the new handmade-paper art that I'd had framed.

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