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Things Turning up From Earlier Posts

After I posted about Luke getting some OT, he told me that he wasn't going to that eye doctor again because his eyes weren't any better. I told him they weren't worse, either! Then I mentioned OT. He said the VA helped him some when he first lost most of his sight and I encouraged him to check with the VA and his doctor again.

When I went out for my ritual Saturday Pizza Hut lunch, there was a guy walking around with the name of the bigot on a sticker on his shirt, carrying a clipboard. Instead of going door-to-door like the other candidate did herself, he was clearly going to registered Republicans (you don't have to register for a party in Virginia and I didn't) and now I know a nice neighbor couple is Republican. Then I got the mail on the way home and got a brochure/flier from my state senator and I was fine until I got to the last page. He voted for every single anti-illegal immigrant bill that made it to the floor. He's probably running uncontested again even though he's a Democrat, but I'll see if there's anybody else running with better beliefs.

Before I left, I got a phone call from someone I worked with years ago at AOL. She was a paid employee and I was a volunteer. We had a long interesting talk.
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