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Reporter of Crime!

I took trash and recycling out here and then mixed paper to the transfer station recycling. The last time I was there, I saw a landscaping company next to the transfer station filling a water truck from the fire hydrant. I called the city's non-emergency line and asked if they could do that -- after all, they'll be charging their clients for that water and it belongs to the city -- and she said she'd contact the fire department and see if they had a permit. Apparently they didn't because today the fire hydrant had a sort of wheel around the hydrant port that said "Property of the City of Manassas."

Then I went to get labs where I ARRRed at the techs. I wobbled through Michael's to get a picture frame on sale (way too smelly potpourri in there) and then had lunch at Mamma Mia's which is in the shopping center across the street. I enjoyed the steak and cheese and they have an excellent price for lunch items, so that's a possibility when Rick & family come. Then I went and got my hair cut. The price is up to $20 for shampoo and cut. I think I might definitely have to try a barber next time.
Tags: errands

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