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Better Today

I took acetaminophen yesterday (logged it) and feel much better today. In fact, I just dustmopped the condo. I figure if I do this on the off-week, it won't be so cathair-bunnyish by the time Lucilla comes.

Karl Schroeder has released Ventus, his first novel, electronically via a Creative Commons license (seen via Andy Wheeler on Comicmix). I loved this book and have been reading the others. If you haven't read his books, here's a cheap way to check one out.

I may not be able to vote for state delegate in November. The incumbent, Jackson Miller, is a bigot of the first water. However, the Democratic challenger, Jeanette Rishell, is only slightly less paranoid about illegal immigrants. I understand she wants to win, and being paranoid about illegal immigrants is probably the only way to win this seat, but I wasn't expecting the recording I got on my cellphone today: "I'm telling all my friends about how Jackson Miller has dropped the ball on illlegal immigrants and has been lining his own pockets! From Jeanette Rishell for Delegate." I'm beginning to think there's not much difference between them.
Tags: health, politics, sf

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