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Ow Yet Again

I yell when I bend over. It wasn't so bad when I started off to the post office and the grocery store, but putting groceries away was very noisy.

I ordered bedroom furniture today. I've been faunching for a set from Hardwood Artisans -- all wood, hand-made -- but I'm never going to have that much extra money, so I went looking for platform beds last night. I found a set I liked (I wanted a bookcase headboard, too) and if I bought it today(!) there would be free shipping. So I thought about it overnight and measured, and in this line:

I bought the double captains bed, the double bookcase headboard, the five drawer chest, and the secretary. Plus a futon mattress for the platform bed.

Can I put these together myself? Noooooo. I sent an email to my friends in the bookgroup to see if a couple people could help. I'm not sure exactly when it will come in, some time in the next two weeks, and I don't have a lot of space to store boxes, plus the old stuff will have to go out (I think it will all fit in the van, just not at once). Part of me thinks I'm nuts. Part of me thinks disabled people have to get better at asking for help.
Tags: furniture, health

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